Technisoft Report Manager

Technisoft Report Manager 6.0

Manage and run custom Crystal Reports from any Sage Accpac ERP program
6.0 (See all)

Technisoft Report Manager provides a central point from which you can manage and run custom Crystal Reports from any Sage Accpac ERP program.
Report Manager will automatically extract the parameter list from any existing Crystal report and allow you to create additional unlimited report parameters including Sage Accpac ERP Finders, Text fields, Dates, Drop-down lists and Check boxes. These will appear on the report interface when the report is run.
Logical report grouping allows users to group reports into categories in order to determine what to run, and when. For example, group reports by day of week, end of week, end of month, or period. Alternatively, group reports by program, for example, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, etc. Report Groupings are unlimited and are user definable.

Report scheduling allows reports to be run automatically - daily, weekly, or monthly - using preset parameters. Reports can be printed or output as PDF.

User security options are available for each report to ensure that company personnel only see and print relevant reports.

Technisoft Report Manager (VC) installs as a full Sage Accpac ERP product and will appear in the Accpac Desktop like any other Sage Accpac ERP product.

It is also possible to launch the application and specified reports without Sage Accpac ERP running (i.e., directly from the Windows Desktop) and maintain security and login as per Sage Accpac ERP users.

Create a Crystal Report and then with Report Manager, create a professional user interface. If you do not have the time or the expertise in your company to build Crystal Reports (or even if you do and simply wish to deploy reports for other users), then let your Sage Accpac Solution Provider do the hard work and build the custom report and user interface for you. Your Sage Accpac Solution Provider can simply Export the report and email it to you. All you need do is open Report Manager and select Import and in one easy step your reports will appear in Report Manager on your Sage Accpac ERP desktop. It’s that easy!

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